Finger buffet menu

Please note that finger buffets are for a minimum of 20 people (please choose one menu only) 

If you or your guests have food allergies or intolerances please tell us when making your booking

Finger Buffet Menu A – £9
1. Cocktail spring rolls with sweet chilli dip*
2. Crudités with Houmous*
3. Smoked Salmon/Pickled herring on Rye bread
4. selection of sandwiches (some*)
5. Sausage rolls
6. Tortilla chips with salsa dip*
7. Spinach tomato and red onion quiche*
8. Mini Pizzas*
9. Mini meringues with fresh cream*
10. Chocolate Fudge Brownie*

Finger Buffet Menu B – £8.50
1. Spinach, tomato and red onion quiche*
2. Selection of sandwiches on a variety of breads(some*)
3. (Ham/Cheese and tomato/ Egg and cress)
4. Sausage rolls
5. Lemon Chicken goujons with mayonnaise dip
6. Crudités with cheese & chive dip, houmous
7. Chocolate eclairs*
8. Mini fresh cream meringues*
9. Chocolate Banana cake*
10. Fruit cake*

Finger Buffet menu C – £9.50
1. Spinach tomato and red onion quiche*
2. Fresh vegetable crudité with blue cheese dip and humous*
3. Selection of sandwiches on a variety of breads(some*)
4. Pea and mint falafels with tzatziki*
5.  Cocktail spring roll with sweet chilli dip*
6. Mini scones with goats cheese & grapes*
7. Welsh Rarebit Quail’s Scotch Egg*
8. Balsamic, Tomato & Pesto Canapé *
9. Chicken & Wild Mushroom mini pies
10. Pork & Black Pudding Sausage Rolls

* = Vegetarian

Finger buffet Menu D – £9.50
1. Turkey, Cranberry and brie puff pastry triangles
2. Fresh vegetable cruditee with Guacamole*
3. Mini scones with Stilton and Figs*
4. Cherry tomato, mozzarella & Basil tartlette*
5. Kadin Budu – twice cooked spiced Syrian meatballs served with tzatziki
6. Herb pancakes filled with smoked trout and horseradish mayonnaise
7. Pickled Herring with lettuce and beetroot on rye bread
8. Feta Chickpea and Spinach fritters with a carrot and lemon sambal*
9. Mackerel fatayer – Lebanese pasty with spicy smoked mackerel
10. Char-grilled vegetable skewers with salsa verde*

Finger buffet Menu E – £10
1. Mini cheeseburger with tomato relish on French bread
2. Blinis topped with smoked salmon, crème fraiche and dill
3. Scotch Quails eggs
4. Tandoori Prawn skewers
5. Vegetable and herb Pakoras with mango raitia*
6.  Asian seafood in filo
7. Gorgonzola stuffed dates wrapped in bacon on parmesan polenta
8. Goats cheese red pepper and basil tortilla*
9. Artisan Sausage Rolls
10. mini Naan bread with Indian relish and chutney*

Finger buffet Menu F – £10.50
1. Petit Croque Monsieur
2. Chicken Souvlaki kebabs
3. Asian Crab Cakes
4. Peking Duck Rolls with Hoisin dip
5. Courgette & Halloumi Fritters with Greek mint yoghurt*
6. Arepas –south American corncake with a blue cheese pico*
7. Caramelised red onion, pecorino and olive tartlettes*
8. slices of melon Proscuitto
9. Greek salad skewers*
10. Calamari rings with tartare sauce
* = Vegetarian

Vegetarian Menu G £9.00

  1. Parmesan Tarts (we use a vegetarian version of Parmesan)
  2. selection of sandwiches (Egg Mayo & Rocket, Cheddar & chutney)
  3. Crudites with Hummus and a Beetroot dip
  4. Sushi Rolls
  5. Pea & Mint Falafels with Pomegranate Molasses  Tzatziki
  6. Carrot & Courgette Bhajis with Raita
  7. Spring Rolls with Sweet Chilli Dip
  8. Cheese Scones with blue cheese and Crab apple Jelly
  9. Beetroot and Sour Cream Samosas
  10. Mushroom & Pistachio Pate on toasted Baguette

Vegan & Gluten Free Menu H (100% vegan & Gluten Free) £9.50

  1. Selection of Sandwiches (Hummus with chilli jam, Tomato Salad )
  2. Crudites with Potato & garlic dip
  3. Curried Pea & Potato Samosas
  4. Vegetable Bhajis & vegan raita
  5. Sushi Rolls
  6. Broad Bean & Mint Falafels
  7. Blinis with beetroot
  8. vegetable fritto misto & walnut Mayo (vegan version)
  9. Thai Spring Rolls with sweet chilli dip
  10. Chocolate Brownies

Canapés £11.50
1. Mini Lamb Moroccan pies
2. *Falafels and tzatziki
3. Asian seafood on gem leaves
4. Blinis with smoked salmon and dill
5. Crab cakes with dipping sauce
6. *Greek salad kebabs
7. Peking duck rolls with hoisin dip
8. Scotch quails eggs
9. *Courgette and halloumi fritters
10. *Caramelised red onion, pecorino and olive tartlettes

Sweet selection – 95p per item (all vegetarian)
1. Baby banana breads with passion fruit butter
2. Petit pithiviers
3. Chocolate fudge brownies
4. Passion fruit and coconut slice
5. Pear and almond strudels
6. Apricot almond and cardamon slice
7. Mini cherry galettes
8. Pecan shortbread
9. Orange friands
10. Gubb jainun (Indian almond and yoghurt dough balls)
11. Flapjacks
12. Mini meringues
13. Chocolate éclairs

Also available
· Platter of fresh fruit 95p per person
· Chocolate Brownies, Flapjacks and Muffins 95p per person

* = Vegetarian

If you or your guests have food allergies or intolerances please tell us when making your booking